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overhead presses
Overhead Presses
Log presses.
The log press requires specific training. Because of the unique nature of this type of press it can not be trained properly with a standard olympic bar.
On the log press the hands are turned facing each other plus the width of the log makes it a unique action that is totaly different from a regular bar press. So all that having been said it becomes clear that to train the event you need suitable equipment; And once again , due to lack of commercial sources from which to purchase equipment, I am forced back to the make it yourself option.
Step 1.
A length of 5ft stainless tube, 8 inch diameter was purchased and 2 end caps welded into place. A 2inch hole was cut in the ctr of the caps.  
After marking out the positions of the hand slots and handles cut out the hand slot positions.
The handles are 24 inches apart and the hand slots are 6 inches wide.
A hole is drilled at the center point for the position of the handles. The handles are mounted dead center of the tube and will be made from 1 inch steel bar.
The handle bars are marked at each end at the center point and this point is positioned so it can be seen at the middle of the drilled holes.
Once the handles are in position they are welded into place inside and out.
Installing the 2" bars for the addition of extra weight discs.
The 2" tubes will be welded to 1" box section then the box section will be welded to the sides of the outer tube.
Position the 2" tube through the end disc and weld to the center of the 1" box section. (box section not yet welded to outer tube)
position the box section into place within the tube and weld into position
weld around the end disc and 2" tube
Final log construction prior to painting.
2" weight bar added , note position of 'T' section (2" tube to 1" box) welded just within main body of outer tube.
Completed steel Log. Basic weight of log 70lbs  
Log showing how additional weights are easily added
Log completed and I love it. Not only is this a unique exercise that neds specific training but it is useful in many other ways. For example, when used in a rowing motion it forms a good assist movement for the stones, especially as your hands are faceing each other as per the hand placing with the stones.

One thing I will say, and this applies to the farmers weights etc, is that I kept putting of making this equipment. Days turned into weeks , weeks into months etc and all it took eventually was a good weekends work and I have equipment that is so essential to this sport put also equipment that should last me for years to come.


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