(update 5-12-02)
J.V. Askem

Please bear with me as I'm very tired and even typing is a chore.  First, thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. When feeling better I plan to write a detailed article about this experience. I've been constantly making many little notes and have even taken a few photos, but in the meantime, here's a brief summary.

I was prepped for surgery about 12:30PM Wed. 5-8-02 and woke up in the CCU at about 5:30PM. Then was moved from the CCU to a room about 11AM Thurs. 5-9-02. Released from hospital 12:00 noon Sat. 5-11-02. My left side is weak and my motor functions are about the same as before surgery.

The tumor was NOT a Meningioma as originally diagnosed. But I do remember Dr Nussbaum, my neuro surgeon, leaning over me after the surgery and saying he thinks he got it all. The tumor was caused by a melanoma that apparently traveled from another part of my body to the brain, which is right now believed to have come from a mass in my lungs, which a new CAT scan revealed Friday. Thus I have a number of post operative meetings within the next week to determine further treatments.

I'm having some pain in my head around the incision and in my right temple. Tylenol #3 seems to help, but I'm toughing it out most of the time and avoiding using it, as I don't want to mask possible symptoms to a problem that might arise.

I'm still on the anti seizure mediation Dilantin, and an anti inflammatory Decadron. The Decadron is scheduled to be reduced to nothing within the next week.

All the best to you all with your training. JVA