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J.V. (John Victor) Askem: I turn 55 November, 9th, 2002. I was introduced to weight
training by my 9th grade PE teacher in 1962, and have been regularly exercising, with or
without resistance since that time.

I started out as a bodybuilder, and did that religiously for 2 to 3 years. Then around 1965 I
started to get interested in Olympic lifting. I lifted in about 50 OL meets from 1966 to
1977. Always registered in the So. Pacific Assoc. of the AAU (made up of Los Angeles,
Orange, Ventura, Riverside counties). Also, from 1972 to 1975 I lifted in a half dozen
Power lifting contests.

My best lifts were in the old 198 pound class: Press- 300, Snatch- 253, C&J- 355. Best
Total was 900 via 300+245+355. My best PL's totaled 1450 in the 198's (470, 330, 650).
I did do 1500 at about 220 bwt., and officially Snatched- 264 and C&J'd- 358 at 220 bwt.
The only gear used in PL was ace bandages on the knees and a 4" WL belt.

Best training lifts: Front Squat- 400 for 2 reps, 375 for 5 reps, 335 for 10 reps. Good Morning- 300 for 10 reps. Clean Deadlift- 600 for 5 reps. Incline Press (60 degrees)- 277, Strict Military Press- 260 at 202 bwt, Jerk off rack- 374.

Best Power Snatch- 225, and 240 (into no mans land). Power Clean- 325 for 2 reps, 305 for 3 reps. PC and P SN were approximately 40 lbs under my best full cleans and snatches.

In the So Pacific Assoc I held several 198 lb junior records at age 19, on the Press (255),
the C&J (310), and total (770). I also held the Senior 198 lb AAU State record twice on
the Deadlift. The first record (645), done March 26, 1972 in San Diego, and second
record (650), done May 20th, 1972 in Los Angeles. The latter was done at just 195 1/4
lbs, which is 64+ pounds over triple bwt.

From 1974 to 1976 I served as the So. Pacific AAU Weightlifting Committee Chairman,
which at that time made me the head official in the local association for most OL, PL , and
Physique contests. In 1976-77, I was appointed Regional AAU WL Chairman by the
National WL Committee Chairman for OL only. The Region (#13) encompassed all of
California and Nevada.

During my active years in Weightlifting (OL, PL, Physique), I either directed or helped at
over a hundred contests. My last major contest involvement was the 1977 Mr. America. I
was also a certified National WL Referee, and an International Referee in PL. I retired
from all active Iron Game activities in 1977. I did make a brief comeback in 1999 and won
the WABDL World Masters Deadlift Championships at 220 bwt. Also in 2000, I took
second in my local county fair Strongman contest, winning two of the six events.

I'm still in pretty fair shape for my age. If pushed, I'm probably capable of a Clean and Jerk
or Push Press with around 300lbs at about 220 bwt, and with some training I could
probably DL 600lbs again. However, I prefer not to train that heavy anyone. At best, only
several times per year, I work up to 300 lbs for 3 reps on Full Front Squats, and 500 lbs
for 3 reps on the Clean Deadlift. Also, I work up to about 260 lbs on the Power Clean and
Push Press.

Along with being an Iron Game athlete, I was competent in a number of other sports!! In
the swimming pool I swam 50 yards in about 28 seconds at age 15. At age 11 I passed my
life guards test, but I was too young to be employed as such. Also at age 15 I could throw
a football 75 yards with a perfect spiral, but I never liked the game to play organized FB. I
also played organized hockey, but regret I couldn't get enough ice time to become a good
enough skater.

After I retired from lifting I ran a 10K run in about 40 minutes in 1980 at about 182 bwt,
and in 1982 I rode 3 centuries (100 miles) on my bike. The total miles in 3 days was 107,
117, and 103=327 miles. I weighed about 190 to 195 when I rode.

Today I'm mostly an author and journalist for Iron Game activities. My articles can be
read mostly in MILO magazine or on my web site, THE CABLE/ BAR GUY >

I also occasionally do a little coaching in OL. My most recent best protégé is Jesse
Marunde. In 1999 Jesse took 3rd in the Junior Nationals in 105+ class. His best training
lifts are: SN- 325 and C&J- 400 at about 270 bwt. Jesse is also a pretty good coach
himself. He's certified by USAW and is a weight room monitor at his university where he's
participating on a full Football scholarship.

Click for more about Jesse.